Grow Your Home Business Network Marketing Company – How to Get More Recruits Into Your Business

So you want to get more recruits and grow your home business network marketing company? Most network marketers do not know how to get one person to organization believe it or not. There are many aspects that can determine a person success in his company and industry but I strongly suggest and feel that one of the biggest reasons why people fail is because they are targeting the wrong audience.

Traditional network marketing companies teach us to go ahead and invite our family and friends to different events so they can come into the business.

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? I sure do. Most people that we know have no business knowledge at all. Nor do they even want to start a home business anyway. Then why are we continually trying to bring them into our opportunity to convince them that what we have is best to offer?

If you want to get more recruits you’re going to have to take your business on the internet. The Internet marketing age is taking over us all and you will soon realize that network marketing will never be the same with it.

Now does this mean that off-line marketing never works? Well in my opinion off-line marketing did not work for me at all because I know all that I was doing was targeted a wrong audience. The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to target the right type of people and not have to worry about the face-to-face confrontation if someone doesn’t like what we have to offer. It’s not a big deal online and that’s why it makes it so powerful.

If you want to get more recruits you’re going to have to learn how to do some research and see exactly what your market wants.

For example, one of network marketers biggest target audiences would be other network marketers because network marketers leave from company to company. Whatever the case may be you have to know exactly what their thinking so you can position yourself and your offer right in front of them at the right time.

Will everyone join you? Of course not and it never works out that way! But if you continue to do this on a daily basis you will build your lead list out, get more prospects and eventually build more relationships with people that will get you more recruits into your company in a matter of time.

Buying Or Selling Your Business in the New Year – How is Your Business Plan?

Being an entrepreneur requires the need to constantly make decisions. Being a successful entrepreneur requires constantly getting most of those decisions right. No entrepreneur gets every decision right. Just ask Tiger Woods. Besides, if that was to happen it would be boring. However, being an entrepreneur does require bringing your A game to business as much as possible.

One of the best tools that enable entrepreneurs to be successful is creating and working a business plan. In simple terms there are two types. The first type is for a brand new business that is moving towards entering the economy. A new business or enterprise requires a different approach to an existing business as there is a lot of data gathering and initial research to build and make decisions. Additionally, there are a lot of one offs to attend to such as researching and deciding the best legal entity, setting up and creating a proper set of financial records, knowing what business licenses, permits and other regulatory requirements need to be met, creating job descriptions and hiring the right people for those positions, researching technology options, buying the right equipment, getting it setup correctly including any necessary training, and the list goes on.

The second type of business plan is for an existing business. This is probably much easier to create than a business plan for a brand new enterprise, as it should have a basic structure or set of foundations that can form the basis of the business plan. If the business does not have this then consider using the business plan for a new business with one of the first things to create is an organizational chart of the management and support team including their job title and description. If current employees are in place with these positions, have them write the job description and then review to make sure it corresponds to what you expected the position to be doing. Now take this job description and see if it fits into the business plan. If it doesn’t, you have some changes to make, probably including re-training.

If you need some sample templates to help you get this critical task started, please visit my website and go to the sample documents tab. There are over 20 free documents available for you to download and use and these include templates of a business plan for a new enterprise as well as an existing business.

As you create your document, keep the following in mind. Is there an ultimate reason for the business plan? If the business needs to obtain finance then almost without exception, the lender will want to see a document so they can understand the current operation of the business and its success and why and how any money being lent will be used.

The best practice is to create a business plan and review it annually. This is because this document keeps you honest. It forces you, as the entrepreneur, to have a vision for your business and make sure that vision is realistic and achievable. Additionally, a business plan tends to be a static document. Once it’s created it is easy to forget about. This is a mistake as the business plan is generally built over a period of time. With time comes clarity of thought and purpose and so the business plan provides an anchor for the business and allows the business to be set up so it weathers all four seasons. This is the beauty of the business plan. It allows you to review why you set out in the direction that you did and what benchmarks and measurements you made to determine if you were and are successful. If you are not as successful as you planned, what adjustments do you need to make to get the results that you need?

Other ideas to keep in mind as you build your business include the need to keep financial projections real. A budget is a mandatory document to include with a business plan as it rounds out the strategies and tactics for the business and supports them with a financial snapshot. Another suggestion is to write the business plan as if the reader knows nothing about the business. Include jargon if you need to but too much jargon will make the document irrelevant to the reader who doesn’t talk your talk.

Finally, keep the business plan precise, clear and professional. It’s not the place to rant and rail to explain your management style and it’s not the place for humor. This is a business document and reflects what the business is all about. Each reader brings their own perceptions and preconceived ideas. If the business plan is confusing you may lose the support of a reader that could mean the difference between the success or failure of the business.

With the Business Plan follows the need to create a supporting Sales and Marketing Plan that identifies how the business will attract customers and therefore revenue. Part 5 of this article series covers how to put together a Sales and Marketing Plan.

Blogging For Cash – 7 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Business Resources

Blogging for Cash has a great ring to it. In fact, so does the business title – Infopreneur. Sounds almost royal doesn’t it?

There are two important business factors that require some serious focus if you’re going to succeed long-term as an online marketer/Infopreneur. It is absolutely critical that you are operating your business with the right business resources. Everyone is different so whats right for me in business may not be the best solution for you and your business.

It is totally fine to take recommendations of trusted others you trust–just don’t take them without checking things out for yourself. If you use the following as a guideline, you should end up with a product or service that fits your business requirements now and into the future.

Here are 7 factors I focus on when making business resource choices:

  1. What business task(s) is this going to help me to perform better or faster – How is using this resource going to save my business time, make things more efficient, get my customers happier with using our services?
  2. Ease of use and length of the learning curve – Do I, or one of my assistants have to be a rocket scientist to operate this application? Will I spend 3 months getting familiar with it and become bored with it before it starts producing results?
  3. Does the associated costs justify the overall business improvements and advantages – Will the combined costs (initial cost to purchase plus operating costs) be worth the results I see in my business long-term.
  4. Can this product or service expand with my business into the future? – If you do the right thing in online business, you’ll be amazed at how fast your business can grow. You’ll need to ensure that the offering no matter what type has the ability to expand as your business grows.
  5. What levels of documentation and technical support are offered? – Are there ample technical resources (documents, videos, screen-captures, etc.) available so that we can figure things out on our own without a support request? What level of support and time-frames are to be expected? This is a big factor in my decisions.
  6. What information is already available about the product or service that I can intelligently factor into my purchasing decisions? – What do other users and customers think about the performance and usability of this product or service? Has it made their business experience better or worse? Again, this is another big factor.
  7. Affiliate program offering – Does this product have an affiliate offering? This is a business we’re in after all, we need to work the pay-it-forward model for an excellent chance at achieving profitability and business longevity. If this is an offering that makes my business more efficient, than why shouldn’t I refer it to another and make some change from it too? As long as you’re not peddling crap around the Internet I see no problem with it. My guess is neither will you once you see how it can help everybody to get better in business.

Those are just some of the many questions I ask before I move ahead on the purchase of any business resource. It doesn’t matter how big or small, costly or cheap the resource may be–I give it extreme consideration before adding it to my business platform. If it’s not directly adding to my business growth and effectiveness–it’s taking away from it!

Anyone in business knows that can’t happen for long. Oh! One other important thing to consider–sleep on it at least one night before any buying decision. Give your subconscious mind a chance to weigh in on the decision too! Your subconscious filters out all the hype and marketing fluff for you.

The second of the two important business factors is Your Mindset.

I don’t care what courses you take, redundant servers your hosting with, how fancy looking and well SEO’ed your blog is…if your Mindset is not right you’re going nowhere!

Blogging for Cash is fine as long as it’s for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

Be in business to help and assist others and it becomes almost impossible to fail.